Is Washington happy with Indian stand on Nuclear deal

  • Michael Krepon, the co founder of Stimson Centre wrote in Hindu this week on the on going contentious nuclear issue on ENR technology transfer.
  • Through the article he tries to make a point that India has no basis to feel aggrieved that the letter or spirit of the civil nuclear cooperation agreement with the U.S. has been subverted.
  • Washington has already stated that "enrichment and reprocessing are not necessary for nations seeking to harness nuclear energy for peaceful purposes" - which is contradictory to the Indian stand that ENR technology is needed for carbon free energy production.
  • U.S.–India civil nuclear cooperation agreement included the following language: “Sensitive nuclear technology, heavy water production technology and production facilities, sensitive nuclear facilities, and major critical components of such facilities may not be transmitted under the Agreement unless the Agreement is amended.”
  • Washington is not happy with the outcomes so far as most of its ambitions like high-quality nuclear power plant job generation of around 27,000,first position in multi-role combat aircraft competition and much closer strategic cooperation with New Delhi have been deflated.
  • For the transfer of ENR technology NSG needs India to place all its  nuclear facilities under stringent safeguards — conditions that India will certainly not meet.