Arunachal Pradesh Facts

Most of Arunachal Pradesh is covered by the Himalayas. However, parts of Lohit, Changlang and Tirap are covered by the Patkai hills. Kangto, Nyegi Kangsang, the main Gorichen peak and the Eastern Gorichen peak are some of the highest peaks in this region of the Himalayas.

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Assam Facts

Assam is a state in the north-eastern region of India. Its capital is Dispur, located within the municipal area of Guwahati city. Located south of the eastern Himalayas, Assam comprises the Brahmaputra and the Barak river valleys along with the Karbi Anglong and the North Cachar Hills. Assam is surrounded by 6 of the other 7 Sister States: Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya. Geographically Assam and these states are connected to the rest of India via a narrow strip of land in West Bengal called the Siliguri Corridor or "Chicken's Neck".

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Damodar River | Damodar Valley | Damodar Valley Corporation

Damodar River

The Damodar River rises at the Chandwa village, Palamau hills of Choota Nagpur in the Jharkhand state . It flows in a south-easterly direction entering the deltaic plains below Raniganj. Near Burdwan, the river abruptly changes its course to a southerly direction and joins Hooghly about 48.27 km below Calcutta. Damodar basin lies in the states of Jharkhand and West Bengal.The Chota Nagpur Plateau receives an average annual rainfall of around 1400 mm, almost all of it in the monsoon months between June and August. Damodar River was earlier known as the River of Sorrows as it used to flood many areas of Bardhaman, Hughli, Howrah and Medinipur districts.

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