Dear Prime Minister, Please act now!!

On our 64th Independence day I was not in a mood to post at least a "happy independence day" through my social networking page and was anxiously waiting for the next morning to see how Congress is going to handle team Anna’s "Second Freedom Struggle movement". To my surprise Congress did the most stupid action it has taken in the last eight years - It arrested a Gandhian who tried to fast peacefully for a noble cause.

Dear Prime Minister, did your team ever pre-visualise the events that are going to happen after the detention of Anna Hazare?. I firmly believe that you are not the one who mooted that irrational decision and as usual, your voice might have over taken by the powerful circle surrounding you. And today in Parliament you blamed Delhi Police as if the Congress leadership do not know anything about the whole plan. I still remember another excuse you said about the inclusion of Prime Minister under the ambit of Lok Pal - You love to come under Lok Pal, but your ministers are not allowing!!. Sorry to say that you have been always under the shadow of the entire Cabinet Ministers. I remember an old story about Hanuman. When Hanuman was a child, some sages had cursed him, that he would never be aware of his strength until others informed him of it. And Jambavan praised Hanuman’s ability and strength to make aware of them. Likewise, are you unaware about the powers vested on you by our constitution?. We, the people of India want you to take the decisions on behalf of Congress parliamentary party and not the other way around. That’s how our previous Congress Prime Ministers had acted. The decisions of Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi came out as decisions of Congress party.
Dear Prime Minister, we don’t thing that you are just a night watchman, guarding the kingship for the immature prince. You are the third longest serving Prime Minister of India, right after Nehru and Indira. You brought the isolated country into the world arena with bold economic reforms and have lead the country during the toughest times of economic meltdown. We are well aware of the bunch of flagship programmes initiated by your government during the past 7- 8 years and we firmly believe that there are lot to be delivered. But for a democratic country like India, the most important quality of true leader is the political will to offer the best for the citizens, to foresee the desires of the people and to stand for the people. And you know that the people of India have been waiting for more than 40 long years for a strong anti-corruption ombdusman, that can prevent the cancer of Indian democracy – corruption.

I learned from Newspapers that when Delhi Police restricted the fast to three days and gathering to 5,000, and Anna Hazare sought the intervention of you on August 13th. You had an opportunity to act then but you didn’t. But your government reacted after the history repeated. Dear Prime Minister, we need actions from your government, not untimely reactions.

Dear Prime Minister, now the agitation is being run by the moderators of "second freedom struggle". You know that opposition is going to start nationwide protect against your Government. Chances are there, the agitation soon falls into the hands of extremists, powered by the opponents of your Government. Are you well equipped to tackle that or your team will wait till the eleventh hour to react on the unpredictable consequences?

Dear Prime Minister, does your team still believe that the movement lead by team Anna is just a short term agitation, lead by the so called elite and manipulative civil society?. But it has grown more than that and growing enough to make waves across the country. Your government was a total failure in understanding the pulse of the nation. Instead of explaining your government’s points of view, some of your ministers have irritated the whole nations by asking Anna Hazare to contest in elections.

Dear Prime Minister, I would love to compare the movement lead Anna Hazare to that of a Nuclear reaction. People of India were long waiting for a fissile material to show their anger against corruption. The fissile material is active now and if your government doesn’t act now, it can result in a chain reaction and as you fear, would destabilize the country. You often say that your government doesn’t have any magic lamp to eliminate corruption from the system. But just by doing two things, your government can become the best government India has ever seen.
  • Pass a strong LokPal, which doesn’t have any loopholes and secondly
  • Bring back our hard earned money from swiz accounts. We don’t need the account holders name, but just our money!!

Most of the people would be sharing the thought that Jan Lok Pal and Lok Pal stand at two extreme ends and we should reach a consensus in between this. We don’t want the coming Lok Pal to be autocratic in future and at the same time we cannot afford any more corruption. As you said we must not create an environment in which our economic progress is disturbed by internal dissension. Lets approach this with due diligence and hope for the best outcome that would fuel the progress of our mother land.