Why ENR technology is so important to India?.

The much highlighted NSG waiver for India became a line drawn in the water. For the transfer of ENR (enrichment and reprocessing) technologies, NSG needs India to adher to  the NPT. Dr Anil Kakodkar, a key negotiator of the Indo-U.S. civilian nuclear deal wrote his opinion about the need of ENR technology for India and related issues in The Hindu. Key points of his writings are
1. Through the reprocessing and recycling of used uranium we can produce several ten-folds of carbon-dioxide free energy which will address the challenge of sustainable global energy supply as well as mitigating the threat of climate change.
2. Why ENR technology transfer is risky in nature - ENR technologies  handle large quantities of weapon usable material in loose form.So the technology in bad hands can create more nuclear weapons and disasters. But Kakodhar make a point that restricting the ENR technology which helps for carbon free nuclear energy could create far more greater risks to mankind eventually.
3. Along with imported uranium we have keen interest in thorium due to its huge energy potential and availability.
4.He reminds us to "exercise caution with due diligence" at every specific steps going forward.