Clerical Exam : Sample Questions for IBPS Clerk Exam

Through is session, presents the most relevant model questions for various banks clerical exams, especially for SBI clerical exams and IBPS clerical examinations. These questions are a mixture of previous year’s questions and probable sample questions. Any comments/doubts are welcomed!! 
1. Indian Navy added INS Vikramaditya aircraft carrier into their arsenal. The aircraft was leased from? 
a) Russia 
b) United States 
c) France 
d) Germany

2. Which of the following term cannot be seen in financial newspapers? 
a) Repo Rate 
b) Cash Reserve Ratio 
c) Statutory Liquidity Ratio 
d) Pulse Rate
3.An individual visiting UAE will have to make the payments in which currencies? 
a) Peso 
b) Baht 
c) Dinar 
d) Dirham
4. Chemical name of salt we use in our kitchen 
a) Calcium carbonate 
b) Calcium Chloride 
c) Sodium Chloride 
d) Sodium Carbonate
5. The retirement age of Supreme Court judges is 
a) 58 years 
b) 68 years 
c) 60 years 
d) 65 years
6. Who amongst the following can take benefit of the social security fund established by Govt for unorganized workers? 
a) Employee of sugar factory 
b) Rickshaw puller 
c) Primary school teacher 
d) All of these
7. Which of the following books is written by Kiran Desai 
a) 3 mistakes of my life 
b) A tale of 2 sisters 
c) The inheritance of loss 
d) Tale of two cities
8. In case of a war, which of the following organisations will be seen in the battle field, in addition to the armies? 
a) WTO 
b) Red Cross 
c) CARE 
9. Which of the following terms is associated with food security? 
a) PDS 
b) ASHA 
c) NPA 
d) WTO
10. Which of the following is a good source of vitamin C? 
a) Lemon Juice 
b) Milk 
c) Mango 
d) Banana