Bank Clerical Exams | IBPS and SBI - Sample Questions

Through this session, presents the most relevent model questions for various banks clerical exams, especially SBI clerical exams and IBPS clerical examinations. This questions are a mixture of previous years questions and probable sample questions. Any comments/doubts are welcomed!! 

1. What is financial inclusion?
 a) To provide employment to all 
b) To provide 100 days job to all unemployed 
c) To provide banking services to all those living in remote areas. 
d) To provide finance to all

2. Recently, the term 3G and 4G are in news. What is the letter G stands for 
a) Grade 
b) Group 
c) Global 
d) Generation
3. Some major banks in various Western countries were to wind up their business due to financial problems during last few years. This trend is technically known as
a) Devaluation 
b) Globalisation 
c) Political backdrop 
d) Global slowdown
4. Exports in India get insurance cover from which of the following organisations? 
c) ECGC 
d) RBI
5. Which of the following places does not have a stock exchange? 
a) Kolkata 
b) Mumbai 
c) Delhi 
d) Udaipur
6. Which of the following is the name of a private sector bank in India
a) IDBI Bank 
b) Axis Bank 
c) Corporation Bank 
d) All of these
7. The Govt of India does not provide any direct financial assistance to which of the following schemes? 
b) Rural Health Mission 
c) Indira Awas Yojana 
d) Jeevan Sathi Yojana
8. India signed the agreement on Trans-Afgan pipeline. Which are the countries involved in it? 
a) India, Pakistan and Afganistan 
b) India, Pakistan, Afganistan and Turkmenistan 
c) India, Afganistan and Turkmenistan 
d) India, Afganistan, Iran and Turkmenistan
9. Which of the following terms is used in banking and finance? 
a) Abiotic 
b) Demand Deposit 
c) Cathode 
d) Fat scales
10. Which of the following is a food crop? 
a) Maize 
b) Cotton 
c) Palm 
d) Jute