Current Affairs Quiz - July 28

1. According to the latest studies, the deficiency of which vitamin in Indian mothers can cause the presence of Neural Tube Defects (NTD), a common congenital malformation in children.
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin C
C. Vitamin B12

2. Which Article of Indian constitution gives the Supreme Court of India, the sky-high powers to chase injustice?
A. Article 138
B. Article 136
C. Article 133

3. Who is the chief legal adviser to the Government of India?
A. Solicitor General for India
B. Supreme Court Chief Justice
C. Attorney General of India
4. Which country has the largest natural reserves in the world?
A. Russia
B. Iraq
C. Iran

5. "Breivik manifesto" is a term highligted in this week newspapers. What is it?
A. Its a version of communist manifesto
B. Its a plan to rescue Greek from debt
C. None of these

6. India's first Sign Language Research & Training Centre will be established at IGNOU.This initiative is fully funded by
A. World Bank
B. Bill Gates Foundation
C. Union Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry

7. How much is the standard noise level in a resedential area in India
A. 55 dB(A) during the day time and 45 dB(A) at night
B. 50 dB(A) during the day time and 40 dB(A) at night
C. 56 dB(A) during the day time and 46 dB(A) at night

8. Latest repo and reverse repo rates are
A. 8.00% and 7.00% respectively
B. 9.00% and 7.00% respectively
C. 8.00% and 6.00% respectively

9. The revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests occurring in the Arab world currenlty is commonly referred as
A. Arab Jihad
B. Arab Spring
C. Arab Summer

10. In India, a fertilizer is considered as explosive if it contains chemicals of more than how much percent?
A. 25
B. 50
C. 45
Know more about Answers
1. Neural Tube Defects occur when the vertebral column does not close properly and the condition could sometimes lead to paralysis.
2. This week, an apex court of Supreme court has said that it has sky-high powers to chase injustice,given by Article 136 of Indian Constitution. “It is plenary power exercisable outside the purview of ordinary law to meet the demand of justice. Article 136 of the Constitution is a special jurisdiction. It is residuary power. It is extraordinary in its amplitude. The limits of Supreme Court when it chases injustice are the sky itself,” said the Bench of Justice J. M. Panchal and Justice H. L. Gokhale.
5. Shortly before his horrific attacks, Norwegian killer Anders Behring Breivik published a 1500-page manifesto on the web outlining his motives and beliefs, which is referred as "Breivik manifesto".
7. The standard for residential area is 55 dB(A) during the day time and 45 dB(A) at night. A, in dB(A), denotes the frequency weighting in the measurement of noise and corresponds to frequency response characteristics of the human ear.This data is normally collected by National Ambient Noise Monitoring Network of the Central Pollution Control Board.
9. The series of protests and demonstrations across the Middle East and North Africa has become known as the "Arab Spring".
10. Concerned at frequent use of ammonium nitrate by terror groups for making bombs, the Centre has declared fertilizer having more than 45 per cent of the chemical an explosive substance under the Explosive Act, 1884