Daily Current Affairs Quiz - July 16

1. Indian Siddis, a tribal population in Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, are in news this week.Why?
2. The new born country,South Sudan is best known for which natural resource?
3. In India, Mobile banking is more popular than net banking. True or False?
4. The biggest component of the foreign exchange reserves of India?
5. The author of  Harry Potter series?

6. India's Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Talmiz Ahmad was in news this week.Why?
7. A Bangalorean won the 2011 Lions International Environmental Photo Contest. Who?
8. Which Indian IT company rolled out a social networking site for its employees?
9. According to latest census figures how much percentage of Indian total population lives in rural areas?
10. Indian Government is going to launch a Knowledge Management Portal for which crop?
11. Name the Indian Navy's oldest ship which decommissioned this week

A1. Researchers have established the African link of Indian Siddis.They have been brought to India by Portuguese traders about 300-500 years ago.Studies found that the Siddi population had 70 per cent African genetic pool, and 30 per cent of Indians and Europeans.
A2. Oil. South Sudan produces about 375,000 barrels of oil per day.
A3. True. Survey was conducted with top 10 banks in India.
A4. Foreign currency assets.India's foreign exchange reserves jumped by $6.70 billion to $315.72 billion this week.
A5. J.K. Rowling. The books sold more than 400 million copies world wide.
A6. He is the first Indian diplomat to be conferred the King Abdulaziz Medal of First Class for his contribution towards elevating Indo-Saudi ties.
A7. Jayaraman Nathan.
A8. Infosys.
A9. 70%
A10. Rice.
A11. Sharabh. It was in service of long 35 years.