Daily Current Affairs Quiz

1. “Fools for forests” is an ongoing campaign launched by which NGO? 
2. The inventory check of which South Indian temple  unearthed a treasure trove of gold, diamonds and precious stones worth hundreds of cores of rupees?
3. Is Western Ghats declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site?
4. Google plans to create a three-dimensional panoramic view of which Indian city for its Street View service, offered on its Maps?
5. On coming July 15th PSLV- C17 will put into orbit a communication satellite which promises to revolutionise communication network between farmers and agricultural experts through videoconferencing facility.Name the satellite?
6. Voting on whether to adopt a new Constitution happened in which country this week?

A1. Greenpeace India.‘Fools for Forests' challenges the Ministry of Coal to explain to the nation why it is necessary to destroy an additional 650,000 hectares of forest to mine coal when Coal India Limited is currently unable to efficiently utilise the 200,000 hectares of mining area it already has.The campaign was started on June 5th (World Environment Day).
A2. Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple,Thiruvanathapuram.The check is being done by a seven-member committee, appointed by the Supreme Court and the court directive was in response to a quo warranto petition filed by the former IPS officer and Supreme Court lawyer, T.P. Sundara Rajan.
A3. No.World Heritage Committee has posponded the decision of include Western Ghats in the list to 2012 and asked government to submit more information.
A4. Bangalore. BJP submitted a memorandum to the State Government to ban this.
A5. GSAT-12.It would enable agricultural experts to interact with farmers on various problems, especially the region-specific issues.
A6. Morocco.