Internet Emit 830 Million Tonnes of CO2 annually

The researchers from the Centre for Energy-Efficient Telecommunications (CEET) and Bell Labs claimed that internet video and associated cloud services including Information Communication and Technology, discharge more than 830 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide per year. This emission of the CO2 from the information and communication industry includes about 2 percent of the global CO2 emission annually and it’s expected to double nearly by 2020. The aviation industry also shares the same amount of emissions.
To control this emission, the researchers have suggested measures like development of accurate and feasible model taking into account the energy use, data traffic and CO2 production in the networks as well as use of other elements in the ICT industry. The researchers from the CEET and Bell Labs following their new models of emissions and energy consumption have suggested three key factors that would help in reduction of the CO2 emissions from the ICT industry and these are efficient usage of facilities, use of energy efficient equipment and use of renewable energy sources.