Railway fares to be hiked from 21 January 2013

Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal on 9 January 2013 announced that the rail fares would be hiked for all passengers from 21 January 2013 including the AC-1 and AC-2 tier passengers, who were affected in early 2012. The hike announced will be of 2 paise/km to 10 paise/km across classes. All fares are supposed to be rounded off to 5 rupees and there will be no fare hike in the Railway Budget. The fare hikes are higher than what was proposed in the last Rail Budget of 2012.

Fares of Ordinary Second Class trains will go up by 2 paise/km while for non-suburban travel it will be 3 paise/km. As per the railway minister the slowdown has further impacted railways' earnings, adding that the fare hike will help raise an additional 1200-1300 crore rupees in the remaining period of current fiscal.