82.5° E longitude Passes through which Indian Place

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1. Indian Standard Time is based on the longitude of 82.5 degrees passing through which of the following places?
(a) Mirzapur, U.P
(b) Jabalpur, M.P.
(c) Nagpur, Maharasthra
(d) Jaipur, Rajasthan

Did you know

1. British India did not adopt the international standard time zones until 1905 when the meridian passing through Allahabad at 82.5º east (Mirzapur) of Greenwich Meridian longitude was picked as the central meridian for India, corresponding to a single time zone for the country at 5 hours and 30 minutes in advance of GMT. 
2. This went into force on January 1, 1906. However, Calcutta time was officially maintained as a separate time zone until 1948. Bombay time was maintained but only informally until about 1955
3. After independence and the partition of British India, Pakistan stayed on Indian Standard Time for three years and adopted Pakistan Standard Time at 5 hours in advance of GMT in 1951. 
4. Indian Standard Time is calculated on the basis of 82.5° E longitude. This line passes through several major Indian cities, however the Vindhyachal town, just west of the town of Mirzapur near Allahabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh is most cited. 

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