Daily Current Affairs Quiz

1. The Public Accounts Committee of India is headed by whom?
2. The french lady who is newly elected as the chief of International Monetary Fund?
3. The Sri Lankan musician and Magsaysay Award winner who was honored by India this week for his six decades of excellence in music ?
4. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and which country's Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labour inked a joint declaration this week on exchange of information and cooperation in the area of water management and water treatment technologies.?
5. Which Indian city is conducting water audit and generating awareness for conservation of water?.

6. Google's new social networking service is called as
7. Country which accounts for the maximum foreign investment in India
8. Sankhola, a small tribal village is in news because
9. Which district in Kerala was worst affected by the use of endosulfan in cashew plantations, has been declared as organic farming district by the Kerala Government
10. Microsoft launched a cloud based product in India at $2 a user for a month onward. What is the name of that product?.

A1. Dr.Murli Manohar Joshi. PAC is a committee of selected members of Parliament for the auditing of the expenditure of the Government of India. It is formed every year with a strength of not more than 22 members of which 15 are from Lok Sabha and 7 from Rajya Sabha. None of the 22 members shall be a minister in the government. The committee is in limelight as its probing the 2G spectrum scam.
A2. Christine Lagarde.She was serving as French Finance Minister. She is the first woman to lead the IMF.
A3. Pandit Amaradeva. He is regarded as the one of the founding fathers of the modern Sinhala music.
A4. Israel.
A5. Jaipur.
A6. Google Plus.Google’s new service will let users video chat with numerous friends simultaneously.
A7. Mauritius. Around 42 per cent of FDI and about 40 per cent of FII fund flows into India are routed through Mauritius.
A8. India's first-ever socio-economic and caste Census to identify people living below poverty line (BPL) was flagged off from there.The results from the census would be utilized for targeting the poor in the 12th Plan.
A9. Kasaragod.
A10. Microsoft's Office 365.