Sir Syed Ahmed Khan | Aligarh Movement

After the War of Independence 1857, British believed that the Muslims were responsible for the anti-British uprising; therefore they made them the subject of ruthless punishments and revenge. In order to convince the that Muslims alone wre not responsible for the war of 1857, Hindus and other nations in India also participated in the war Aligarh movement was started. The movement was lead by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. In order to clear the doubts from the minds of the British about Muslims Sir Syed Ahmed Khan wrote a pamphlet "The Causes Of Indian Revolt". Its most significant achievement was the establishment of Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College at Aligarh, which later became Aligarh Muslim University. Also it lead the opening of minds of Muslims towards Western literature, science and technology.
The main objectives of Aligarh movement were
1. To create an atmosphere of mutual understanding between the British government and the Muslims.
2. To persuade Muslims to learn English education.
3. To persuade Muslims to abstain from politics of agitation.
4. To produce an intellectual class from amongst the Muslim community.
5. To bring a social and cultural reform amongst the Muslim community.
6. To maintain, and as far as possible promote the political and economical importance of Muslims in the affairs of the country to the extent that was possible in a country under foreign rule.

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