Student vs. Homework. 10 Tips How to Encourage a Student to Do Homework

Struggling with your kids so that they finish their homework is not a new thing in parenting. After the school bell, students look forward to spending their free time on other activities rather than working on their homework. Homework is very important because it reinforces what they learn in the classroom and it impacts positively on their academic performance of the students. Homework has more than the academic benefit because it instills responsibility, self-discipline and good work habits even when they work on . Homework is a chance for all students to understand the study and practice the study materials.

If a student does not understand the value of homework they will be unmotivated with poor time management and poor organizational skills.

10 tips on how to encourage a student to do homework

Let your child understand the purpose of homework
Let them stop viewing homework as a punishment from teachers, instill a positive attitude in them. Let them understand that it is to solidify what they study in the classroom. This will keep them motivated knowing it is for their own benefit.

Encourage students to create a structure
From an early age, each student should learn how to schedule their time and set spaces comfortable for them to complete their homework. This should be part of their daily routine.

Encourage a break after classes
When students are forced to work on their homework immediately after class they are unmotivated. A break before starting to work on the homework boosts the energy levels up and improves their focus

Set expectations early
Studies discovered that students who perform best academically had their teachers set high expectations from the very first day. This should be done in a positive way to encourage students in a positive way and let them understand how important homework is. They should understand the overall grading of the assignments and the consequences of missing them.

Give assignments daily
Daily homework is easy to manage and incorporate in the daily routine for a student. So it should be manageable, avoid huge amounts of homework in terms of a weekly basis, it can be overwhelming for students to handle.

Provide motivation
Whenever a student completes and performs well in their homework show appreciation and encourage them. Use words of praise and from time to time offer small rewards.

Accord the student the necessary support
While your child is working on their homework please do not engage in distractive activities. For example, do not watch TV or make loud noises when they are working. Accord them a conducive environment to work from.

Clear instructions
Teachers should set clear instructions which are easy and simple for students to follow.

Encourage independent learning during classroom time
Students should be allowed at times to guide themselves during the study. This will take away their over-reliance on teachers and peers. They need to learn how to work independently so that they can easily work on their homework without help and to avoid frustrations.

Teachers should establish a personal connection
Engaging students at personal levels encourage them to pay more attention to you while teaching. This makes it easy for them also to work on their homework.

Motivating students to work on their assignments is very important and it should be done by parents and the teachers too. Organizational skills should be instilled in school and at home so that homework is a success. As the students move up the homework load continues to increase and it might be a problem if they do not practice effective organizational skills and time management skills early.