Latest change in UPSC Civil Service Mains - New Pattern

Union Public Service Commission in its latest notification released on 6th March 13, changed the Scheme of Civil Services MAINs (Written and Interview/Personality Test) Examination starting from 2013. The commission had also made some changes in the choice of language medium in the Civil Services (Main) Examination. Another change is, the candidates planning to apply for the Civil Services Examination or Indian Forest Service Examination or both will have to fill in this common Application Form.The main idea of Union Public Service Commission is to avoid the dependency of candidates on coaching centers to an extend. Please refer the notification for further clarifications.
Existing Main Scheme

Essay – 200 
Marks General Studies Paper I and II 
Marks carried by General Studies was 2*300=600 
Optional A Paper I - 300 Marks, 
Paper II - 300 Marks 
Optional B Paper I - 300 Marks, 
Paper II - 300 Marks 
Interview/Personality Test - 300

Latest Change in Mains from 2013

Essay – 200 Marks 
English – 100 marks 
General Studies Paper I, II, III and IV 
Marks carried by General Studies was 4*250=1000 
Optional A Paper I - 250 Marks, 
Paper II - 250 Marks 
Optional B (No more in existence) 
Interview/Personality Test – 275 marks

New topics added to the syllabus

New topics added to the syllabus include 
• In Paper I Section 2 - English PrĂ©cis of Matriculation or 10th standard level had been added 
• In Paper II General Studies – I part the History and Geography of the World and Society had been added 
• In Paper IV General Studies – III Disaster Management had been added along with Technology, Economic Development, Bio-diversity, Environment and Security 
• In Paper-V General Studies –IV Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude has been added

Analysis of new pattern for Mains

The weightage of marks of the interview have been kept at the same standard of 13 percent, i.e. 
 • Previously the Interview Carried: 300/2300*100=13 percent approx 
• At Present 275/2075*100=13 percent approx Similarly the weightage of the Optional Paper had been reduced from 52 percent to 24 percent, i.e. 
• Previously it was 1200/2300*100=52%approx 
• And now it is 500/2075*100=24%approx In case of the General Studies Paper the Weightage of Marks have gone up to 48 percent from 26 percent, i.e. 
• Previously it was 600/2300*100=26%; 
• And now it is 1000/2075*100=48%